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Fine Metal Production

We can produce these special alloys in the form of plates, rounds or pipes using special processes in accordance with ISO 9100 quality system. Our abilities are casting, forging, heat-treatment and CNC machining according to technical drawing with the demands of our customers.


By establishing our warehouse close to all transportation networks we are able to provide a fast and effective service to our customers.


We process in accordance with international quality management standards. Our certificates can be seen under the certificates heading.


We care for our environment and climate and therefore for us ‘’the best production is the one which includes recycling’’.



Thanks to our large stock areas and well-planned production systems we are able to offer fast delivery services to our customers.

Our Production Process

Here are how we do the best applications with our special alloys



Casting is a method of delivering a liquid metal into a mold that has a negative figure  (i.e., a three-dimensional negative image) of the desired shape.



Forging is a manufacturing technique that involves hammering or pressing the metal to a shape.  A hammer or die is used to apply these compressive stresses.


Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a term that refers to a collection of industrial, thermal, and metallurgical techniques that are used to change the physical and chemical properties of a material.



Machining is a controlled material-removal technique that cuts a material to a specified final form and size. We deliver the final product with material certificates and measurement control reports.

We deliver with our own truck, your copper alloys, bronzes, special steels and tool steels orders!