About Us

From 2003 Fine Metal is Romanian supplier of special steels and alloys of copper for vital tools, molds, devices and other components for various industries.

Special Steels

Special steels, including tool steels and hardenable stainless steels are supplied by renowned manufacturers like Dörrenberg Edelstahl GmbH. With a tradition of over 300 years in the production of steel in the region Oberberg at Ründeroth, riverside Agger Dörrenberg Edelstahl holds one of the largest stock of alloyed steels in Europe, which is distributed through its agencies and distributors. In addition to these materials, Fine Metal markets in Romania other types of steel for the manufacture of parts: heat-treatement steels, carburizing or nitriding steels, spring steels..

Copper Alloys

Copper alloys, particularly Aluminum Bronzes and hard copper alloys, are offered from our own production facilities located in Turkey. We have two integrated production facilities, offering wide range of special hard copper alloys and aluminum bronzes. Production processes include casting, hot forming, heat treatment and machining. Casting technologies are sand casting, continuous casting and centrifugal casting. We are capable of producing finished machined parts with our 10 CNC machines. Our main products are listed below, besides of those products, we are also producing tin bronzes and special alloys according to our customer’s needs.

Aluminum Bronzes Group


  • (CuAl10Fe3)
  • (CuAl10Ni5Fe4)
  • (CuAl14Fe4Mn2)
  • (CuAl14Fe4Mn)

Cu Alloy Group


  • (CuCrZr)
  • (CuNiCrSi)
  • (CuCoBe)
  • (CuCoNiBe)
  • (CuBe2)